Join the Garden Givers!

What does it mean to be a Garden Giver?

When you become a Garden Giver, you join a group of our most dedicated supporters that have committed to giving monthly. A garden symbolizes life, growth, and nourishment. The smallest seeds, all together, create fruits and vegetables that can be enjoyed year-round. Garden Givers help us create a strong base for our programs at the Imperial Valley Food Bank. With a little water and love, the potential of a garden is limitless.

Sign up by going to our online form and selecting 'recurring' as your donation type.

Reasons to Become a Garden Giver

  • No matter the amount, your monthly commitment helps solve hunger year-round.

  • If you choose to give online, your monthly donation deducts automatically from your account. Set it and forget it! We will still send you updates throughout the year and a year-end tax statement.

  • A monthly online contribution helps us put more dollars directly into our mission by cutting down on processing time and paperwork.

  • Monthly support helps us plan our budget and set goals for the future.