2016 california nonprofit of the year award

Imperial Valley Food Bank is proud to be a 2016 California Nonprofit of the Year! Thank you to our board, staff and the community for all the work you do to make us a success.

Recent Grants

The Imperial Valley Food Bank is grateful to the following Foundations and grantors who have helped us stay true to our mission - to fight hunger in Imperial Valley

2018 Recieved Grants

Alliance Healthcare Foundation                              Walmart El centro
TJX Foundation                                                       FIrst 5 Imperial
Bank of America                                                      Rest Haven Children's Fund
Food 4 Less                                                             California Assocaiatoion of Food Banks
FRAC                                                                       Rabobank
Wells Fargo                                                              Dickerson Foundation
Barbara Rubin Foundation                                       Finkelstein Foundation
Howard Meyer Foundation                                       Enterprise Foundation
Pattern Energy                                                          CalRecycle